Check out the Trailer for the Last of Robin Hood starring
Susan Sarandon, Kevin Kline, and Dakota Fanning.
We have a song in the movie called Some Say. It’s sung by
Dakota Fanning, and Rhio in the movie. The Song
was written by Leigh Crizoe and Eugene Orland. Release date is Aug. 29th 2014.

Some Say
(Leigh Crizoe-Eugene Orland)
Performed by Rhio


This internationally known campaign that I created for Jordache Jeans that started the designer jeans craze has endured the test of time. It’s still working today.

Check out Saturday Night Lives Parody
on my campaign. Jewess Jeans.

Another great classic is the Campaign I created for The Wiz
Stores. It was so successful that the changed the name of their stores
to Nobody Beats The Wiz. The jingle became a hit record by Biz Markie,
and has been sampled by Nas, Michael Jackson, and recently Kanye West.It also was the basis for an episode of Seinfeld.